6 Design Tips to Nail the Modern Classic Look

6 Design Tips to Nail the Modern Classic Look

It’s easy to fall head over heels in love with a modern classic interior, what’s with its captivating blend of elegance and artistry when done right. Combining modern and traditional features, this theme is wrapped around juxtaposing streamlined designs with ornate details to give the space an exquisite air. The result is an interior that reads clean and striking, yet revealing of hints of European charm. If you’re an enthusiast besotted with the timeless elegance of modern classic interiors, we’ve just the solutions at hand to create that perfect look.


Give your walls and ceilings a decorous touch

In a modern classic home, your wall is your canvas. Even though walls are usually kept neutral – clad predominantly in white, light grey or nude tones to provide a clean, subtle backdrop to accentuate the space – they are dressed with classic wall paneling to capture quintessential European beauty. And if you like to hang an artwork or two, opt for an abstract mural to give the space a modern edge. Likewise, ceilings can be treated with ornate crown mouldings.


An elegant Chesterfield sofa set stands out as a visual centrepiece in this living room

Invest in meaningful, style-apropriate pieces

Some furniture scream a certain style more than others. To seal a modern classic look, consider investing in signature pieces like a classic Chesterfield sofa in the living room, or a stylish canopy bed in the bedroom. Just because these pieces ooze sophistication, they do not always come with a hefty price tag. And if you must have your hands on a traditional piece such as an antique chest, pick one refurbished with modern brass handles, or coated with a layer that hides the aged wood. Pair your antique with furniture that is mostly clean and sleek – even bordering minimalist at times. An understated, clean-lined sectional for example, is a great addition to give your space a much-needed balance. A tufted leather bench is another great addition.


Go for neutral flooring

Neutral flooring does not distract the eye from the finer details in a modern classic home. Opt for a light marble flooring to give the space European decadence, or light wood flooring to conjure warmth. Often, a room is anchored with a plush carpet or faux fur rug to provide textural interest. This immediately makes the space more welcoming.


Introduce ornate curves

Decorous curves channel European beauty in your home. Think along the line of circular side tables and sunburst mirrors. Draw one’s attention upwards with a statement pendant lamp in embellished curves. The key is introducing some curved silhouettes throughout to keep it aligned to the classical aspect of the home, while creating consistency and flow.


Bring in light accessorising

Apart from abstract murals on walls, your space could benefit a lot more from some accessorising. However, accessories should not read ostentatious as it could easily overwhelm. Instead, each piece should portray a quiet confidence – beautifully laid and perfectly proportioned in a space. Place an antique piece against a neutral wall to give the space a sense of history, or use brass accents to elevate the space. Another easy way is throw pillows with modern geometrical patterns.


Use different materials

Pay attention to the materials used. Bring in diversity by introducing an assortment of materials to add richness and depth to the interior. Don’t be afraid to throw in a marble-clad coffee table, distressed wood stools and a tufted leather bench all in the same room. In the bedroom, for instance, use plush velvets against other textiles to conjure variety. Nothing reads more sensual than a little mix-and-match.

Essentially, a modern classic home is nailed by carefully calibrating modern and classical elements to achieve the right balance. With these design tips, your home will look fresh and relevant today, as it was yesterday, overflowing with enviable modern classic appeal.

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