7 Ways to Use Wood at Home

7 Ways to Use Wood at Home

Wood is undoubtedly a well-loved material in homes. This modern staple lends a visually-warming effect, immediately infusing a space with an inviting vibe. Whether you have a penchant for dark or light wood, distressed or glossy, here are some ways you can effortlessly incorporate wood to create your nature-inspired, beautiful abode.




Wall panelling

Bring attention to the walls with beautiful wood paneling. Given how versatile wood can be in a space, panelling can be designed to complete the decor of your modern classic or Scandinavian home.





Ceilings are often neglected. But using elements like wood on your ceiling can dramatically lift the interior. It immediately creates a focal point that draws one’s attention upward, providing the optical illusion of a taller ceiling. Applying wood on a ceiling can also help to visually separate a space.




Decorative accents

Apply wood creatively to your interior to accent your space. Use wood decorative accents to pick up wood used elsewhere for continuity, or add character to a room. In this dining area, for instance, wood is used to frame a wall and ceiling with a striking lattice design. Another way to introduce wood as a decorative accent – and a more inexpensive one – is using wooden frames for artwork or photos to dress a wall.




Wall Tiles

Usher wood into your bathroom with wall tiles bearing a wood effect. Easy to maintain, water-resistant and durable, wood effect wall tiles are a great way to enliven an otherwise unassuming bathroom and inject character. Lay the tiles in a herringbone pattern to claim a classic look always in style.



Cabinetry and furniture

Wood is such a go-to material for cabinetry, with many modern homes counting on wood to warm up an otherwise sterile space. With expanses of wooden cabinetry in the home, you have a solution that is both beautiful and practical. With an array of veneers in wood tones, you can opt for easy-to-care finishing to seek out distressed, sleek or rustic appeals, depending on the chosen on the wood’s tone and grains.





Wooden flooring like parquet or vinyl is a popular and affordable flooring solution among homeowners. Wood grains on floors soften a space, fit into any design theme and give the interior a calming vibe. Engineered wood flooring is great for homeowners with pets who are after durable, scratch-resistant flooring, yet not letting up on a wooden appeal.

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