8 Ways to Make Full Use of Your Balcony

8 Ways to Make Full Use of Your Balcony

Have you been neglecting your balcony? Are you waiting to bring it to life again but just don’t know how? Do not waste precious floor space when you can live bigger. Here, we’ve put together some ways to make this area of your home completely functional and irresistible.

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Alfresco dining

Bring in a table and chairs to turn your balcony into an area for alfresco dining. Complete your balcony with a ceiling fan and style-appropriate retractable awning to make it a great outdoor dining spot be it rain or shine. If possible, opt for smaller pieces of furniture to allow more movement and flexibility.


Extension of your room

Your balcony can be the extension of your living room or bedroom. Instead of demarcating the entire area into two, create visual continuity by using the same flooring throughout. Even if the flooring is different, maintain the same colour scheme or style in the balcony and room to create a seamless transition where the boundary blurs. Design a set-up that echoes the style inside, as well as throw cushions or an outdoor rug of the same colour or pattern. For better continuity, open up your balcony with French doors that open up more than the typical sliding door. Also considering using outdoor zip-blinds so that air-conditioning is confined within.

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Carve out a relaxation spot

If you have enough space in the balcony, bring in an outdoor daybed, lounge chair or hammock to unwind to feel like you’re on a vacation. Instead of using outdoor blinds, opt for outdoor curtains to give the space a soft, romantic vibe that transports you to a beachfront resort. With some outdoor pendants, string lights or tea lights, plus some essential oils, you’ll feel your daily stresses dissipate in no time.

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Late-night cocktail

Give your balcony a swanky set-up – similar to chic roof-top bars with modish furnishing. Again, pay attention to lightings to give your space the desired ambience. This way you can have happy hour at home too.


Plant a garden

Indulge in flora and fauna to create a full-blown garden. Set up planters to  enliven your garden with alluring blooms. Be as creative as you want with planter walls and pots hanging from the ceiling. Even grow herbs that you can sprinkle in your dishes for some out-of-the-home goodness. Carpet green could also be an option to complete this evocative theme!


Meditation spot

Create a zen-inspired space that soothes the body, mind and soul. Embrace a minimal décor by keeping the space clean and uncluttered – only having a few elements like a small table, throw rug and pillow for meditation. A water fountain here does wonders in filling the air with refreshing water sounds. Complete this space with personal items like chimes or crystals and you’ll feel your soul awakened already.


Social gathering

Fancy enjoying a relaxing cuppa with friends? Create a casual, laidback vibe that mimics a café ambience for hours of easy chatting. This is also a place you can retreat to read in solace or bask in some mid-day unwinding.

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Utility area

A balcony can also double up as a utility area. Fit your washing machine and dryer behind some custom units to conceal the set-up, and bring in a casual dining area to make your balcony cosy, yet highly functional.

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