A Stylish Home Combining Wood and Concrete

A Stylish Home Combining Wood and Concrete

Wood is a staple element in modern homes. Warm, timeless and beautiful, wood goes well with any design direction. Equally striking is the use of concrete, another foundation element in homes to create a raw, edgy outlook. When these two elements converge, like in this home, we find ourselves in a modern sensual home that engages on a different level.

In this home, it is important for the designer to foster a sense of visual flow and consistency in line with open floor plans. To do so, materials from the same family are tied together closely to create wondrous effects. Wood, for instance, is applied generously to create a recurring theme in this modish home.


Here, flawless modern design is sealed using a gradation of wood blended ever so seamlessly. The choice of lighter wood on the floor makes the space appear visually larger, while darker wood is used on wall paneling and custom cabinetry to offer contrast. Focal points are created using laminates laid to position wood grains at invigorating angles for an on-trend look.

What truly stands out is an unfinished concrete wall that brings to mind conservation shophouses, in place of the regular walls. Paired with black-framed glass, these walls add a subtle yet sophisticated touch, demarcating a room to create impact. Cold, grey concrete works well against warm modern wood to create a sensual combination overflowing with history and character.

On the ground that every space could use with a touch of black, light pendants and furniture also reveal black outlines to claim a sophisticated and calm nuance. Against a neutral palette, black catches the eye and sharpens the composition.


In the kitchen, the tone of the design shifts further as black takes predominance. Here, a black kitchen emerges as a visual anchor in this open floor plan home, unifying the living and dining areas, yet standing out as a social nucleus for better connectivity when entertaining. Black is offset with a glossy white countertop. To lift the monotony of too much bark, colours and patterns are injected using interesting wall and floor tiles. This instantly lends a more amicable, welcoming note to the space.


In the bedroom, wallpapers in concrete-like greys help create a uniform look that rests well with the eye. Wood is used to frame the bay window and serve as a headboard to align with the design theme in the living room. On the whole, this home appears collected and harmonious.



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