AddIn: The Lifestyle You Love

AddIn: The Lifestyle You Love

“Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” As a brand that lives and breathes everything home-related, we’re elated to announce our arrival in Singapore’s home lifestyle and renovation scene.

Debuting on 11th November 2019, AddIn (家添网) is poised to become your preferred online gateway to China’s vast, cost-effective home and renovation products scene. With so many merchants to choose from, we’ll help you navigate the diversity in the world’s largest factory, handpicking those that offer competitive pricing and quality products, to help you save time, money and potential heartaches.

We provide the human touch in the digital realm

Connection. Reliability. Inspiration. These are values that AddIn (家添网) is founded on. We’ll transform the way you shop online for home products – connecting you directly with Chinese factories you can trust, so that you can enjoy instant gratification in one seamless and pleasant checkout experience.

We are a customer service dream, ever ready to advise, rectify and create meaningful touchpoints at every juncture of the customer journey.

Since we’re online shoppers ourselves, we know nothing can be more disappointing than lackluster aftersales service when our overseas purchase falls short of expectation and we have no one to turn to. This is why AddIn (家添网) embodies a holistic approach towards enhancing the customer experience, emphasising on service excellence and authenticity as you embark on home purchases online.

At the heart of our service culture is a specialised, local customer care team to offer a human touch in a fast-changing digital world. We are a customer service dream, ever ready to advise, rectify and create meaningful touchpoints at every juncture of the customer journey.

We’re with you in crafting your perfect lifestyle

Do you make home purchases that appear mismatched when assembled in a space? Or is a home product lacking a specific function? At AddIn (家添网), homes that converge aesthetics and function are no longer a dream. On top of commerce, we house content, through which we provide contextually relevant interior design and home product insights you can take away, as well as endless inspiration via visuals that redirect you to relevant product pages with an easy click.

Seek the help of professional interior designers on AddIn (家添网) to explore different home designs and ways of living before committing to what works best for you. At the end of the day, we are all about helping you create the best version of your home, affordably and effortlessly.

Our Identity

Our logo has a rich meaning at its core. The outline of a home embodies our vision towards our living space, which essentially frames the life we lead on a day-to-day basis. The “+” sign beside signifies our desire to add to our home, and hence our lifestyle. Green in our logo is associated to how we choose to make eco-friendly decisions, while blue symbolises the sky.

Our Background

Jointly established in China and Singapore, AddIn (家添网) is the first vertically-integrated e-commerce platform covering China, Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. In today’s 24/7 economy, we provide homeowners in a wider geographical market direct access to Chinese merchants, ensuring cost-effective and hassle-free purchases anytime, anywhere.

AddIn (家添网) is an online portal based in China and Singapore, endorsed by representatives from both governments to promote China’s cost-effective home renovation and lifestyle products in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia, as well as provide brands in Singapore and the region an effective, yet low-cost channel to conduct business in China.

AddIn (家添网) is the online extension of an 800 square metres design experiential centre in Beijing, China (O2O), launched on 12 July 2018, and officiated by the Counselor from the Singapore Embassy in China. This centre showcases a wide range of home renovation and lifestyle products. There are also O2O experiential centres in Singapore and Malaysia.

AddIn (家添网) signifies a major leap forward in the world of tech, aimed to provide discerning homeowners with greater options, at the same time initiating new synergies that will benefit Southeast Asian countries and China, to promote cross-border e-commerce activities between these countries.

Our brand is uniquely positioned to leverage its wide network and deep connections with merchants in Singapore and China to create a consumer market more intertwined than before.

The vision of AddIn (家添网) is also aligned with China’s Belt and Road (一带一路) Initiative in raising the connectivity and status of China-made products (中国制造) in global markets.

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