Bidadari Alkaff Vista Floor Plan and Design

Bidadari Alkaff Vista Floor Plan and Design

Modern styling takes precedence in this well-appointed BTO unit at Alkaff Vista at the new Bidadari estate. The design is fluid and light to heighten the connectivity of space and keeping the living and dining areas as open as possible. Here, natural tones like wood, beige and grey reign to provide a sense of collected calm. Metallics are introduced to lift the overall profile and give the décor a poised, lustrous touch.


To keep the same open, yet obscured when needed, the designer creates a kitchen counter that can be opened or closed off with sliding windows. This setup is ideal for the homeowners to indulge in casual dining overlooking the kitchen, but yet with the option to shut the windows to keep the noise and grease within the kitchen when heavier cooking takes place. Demarcated with a glass door and sliding windows, the setup possesses a sense of transparent quality that does not interrupt the sense of seamlessness conjured throughout.


In the rooms, floor area is maximised with custom floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and cabinetry – each space carefully tailored to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs. Here, the pairing of white and light wood contributes to a soothing ambience conducive for rest.


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