Bidadari BTO: 3 Designs for 4-Room Layout

Bidadari BTO: 3 Designs for 4-Room Layout

Bidadari is the up and coming residential precinct situated near the fringe of the city. With the development of this estate is the emergence of about 10,000 HDB BTO units. If you’re receiving your keys to one of these units, read on to get ideas or how you can potentially renovate your space to create you desired home.


Blk 106B Alkaff Vista

Minimalist Beauty

The next home seeks beauty in subtle designs that emphasis on purity of lines and style to claim an understated allure. Colours are kept to a minimal to create a soothing interior, intersecting both form and functionality. Clean-lined carpentry gives this space a minimal, pared-down look, to be offset by conscious layering to add texture. This means rugs and throw cushions, and an accent wall or two in dark grey to give the space depth.

A minimalist look is sealed with a well-calibrated wood-on-white palette to maintain a light and airy interior. Upon entering the home, one is greeted by expanses of visually-warming and welcoming wood. A wall of wood conceals the door to the bomb shelter to give the space a seamless, uninterrupted look.


A casual dining area is preferred over a formal one, hence a breakfast counter that looks into the open-concept kitchen.

If there is no need for 3 bedrooms, consider converting a bedroom into an en-suite dressing area. In this case, Bedroom 2 becomes the master bedroom, separated using sliding doors from the en-suite dressing area held in the original master bedroom. This gives the young couple the luxury of stepping out of the bathroom and getting dressed in style immediately.


Blk 106B Alkaff Vista

Modern Classic Glam

The first home spots a modern look with a classical nuance, perfect for homeowners who like a transitional look, where modern elements are combined with some classical interest to give the space a high-end appeal.

A near-black entrance to the unit lends a dramatic appeal that can elevate a space stylistically. This is why hotel lobbies are sometimes clad in dark, muted tones, to conjure an exquisite air. Behind these black high-gloss facade is ample storage space to hold an entire shoe collection. They flank both sides with a seamless finish – without no knobs or handles for a flushed look.


Neutral colours are offset using strong accents and patterns. The television console feature wall, coffee table and light pendants are where decorous gold lends glint of glamour. Glossy surfaces and tinted mirrors make the space visually bigger. They also add to the patina of this decorated interior.

Here, the master bedroom is converted into an en-suite dressing room to function better for a young couple. The en-suite dressing room is flanked by custom carpentry along the length of the room and a centrepiece display unit for accessories. In this home, the key is achieving a subtle glam look without overwhelming.



Blk 106B Alkaff Vista


Modern Sensibility

This home spots a modern look rooted in neutral tones and easy lines, accentuated with warm wood to create a calm, unified look pleasing to the eye. Here, an open-concept kitchen transits subtly to a dining area with an adjoining kitchen island-cum-counter, creating a large, extended area for prepping food and cooking. Here, statement lighting and wall art give the space an elevated feel.


In one of the bedrooms, a soft, feminine look is achieved with a patterned accent wall, and light pastels. Together, the mix of soft, delicate pastels with clean lines create an unhurried design, easy-to-read and polished, and overflowing with personality.

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