Decor Tips to Transform Your Bedroom Over the Weekend

Decor Tips to Transform Your Bedroom Over the Weekend

Why put up with a lackluster bedroom when you can rest and relax in a cosy sanctuary every night? If your bedroom needs a makeover, read on as we shed some easy and inexpensive ways to give your space a much-needed facelift without bringing in professionals.


Replace hardware

Does your chest of drawers look tired and in need of an update? Replace old drawer and wardrobe handles and pulls with decorative ones to give your furniture a new look.


Introduce colours and patterns

It is worthwhile experimenting with colours and prints. Instead of giving your room a fresh coat of paint, a less tedious approach would be replacing your existing bedding with new ones that exhibit a pop of colour and pattern. If your bedroom floor is bare, consider buying a patterned rug to create a layered feel in your room. But do not go overzealous with introducing colours and patterns – the key is balance if you want cosy and relaxing, versus busy and distracting. Also, contrast with colours to make your space more interesting.


Update your light fixtures

Switch out plain-looking light pendants or table lamps for those that exhibit character and style. Go for one with trendy brass accents to add some glitz, or one with elaborate silhouettes for something that screams classic beauty. With some search, you can find a light source that’s perfect for your room.


Mix things up a little

Rethink how you are using the furniture and peripherals in your space. Instead of a conventional nightstand beside your bed, place a vintage chair by the side to hold your bedside lamp and books. It can even double up as extra seating in your room. Think string lights are meant more for outdoors? Hang them above your bed to watch your space transform wondrously.


This luxe bed frame is a great update to any bedroom.

Bring in throw pillows

Do you have only one or two pillows on your bed? Your bed is a highlight in the bedroom. If you want a bed you can’t wait to jump into, bring in throw pillows to your setup. Opt for a plain, velvety throw pillow, or one with a decorative touch such as tassels. Mix textures to give your bed a layered look. Note that lumpy pillows on your bed read unkempt. If your pillows are no longer fluffy, it is time for you to replace them – even overstuffing them to give your bed a plush, luxurious look.



Hang mirrors and photos to decorate walls, or place vases, candle stands and even plants on your dresser or bookshelf. Adding decorative accessories to your space is an easy way to give your space an instant facelift.


Create a focal point

Often, a bedroom appears uninteresting because it is lacking a focal point. Consider adding a focal point to give the eye something to gravitate towards. It could be a gallery of artwork that adds character and personality, a statement vintage dresser that adds a sense of history, or a canopy that brings emphasis to your bed. If you’re on a tight budget, consider dressing your room with inexpensive pom-poms to instantly make a visual impact.

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