Decorating Essentials to Seal A Classy Room on a Budget


Decorating Essentials to Seal A Classy Room on a Budget

A home that looks straight out of a magazine is possible even on a budget. Achieving the high-end look is no longer achievable with the trained eye, with some useful tips to transform your space from drab to fab.




Dining chairs with two-tone black and gold legs are a subtle way of injecting gold accents

Use metallic accents

Nothing spells luxury like some metallic magic. Adding some glitz and glam is always a sure recipe for a classier, curated interior, using copper, brass, gold and rose gold on furniture, lighting or hardware to command attention. These accents exude a refined look that resonates with classy contemporary interiors. High-gloss paint also does the trick.


Use classical curves

Every classic-inspired interior is adorned with decorous pieces that bring out the beauty of European culture. Introduce rounded shapes and ornate curves instead of hard lines to conjure reminiscent of classic references. Channel classicism with the occasional frills and details. Consider an accent chair with winged sides or rounded backs or light pendants that showcase organic curves. You’ll find that the right amount of curves will give nod to an understated classic design.


It’s a balancing act. Counter decorous curves with cleanlined designs for a measured space.

Not forget clean lines

While some curves are needed, too much can overwhelm a space. Veer away from an over-the-top traditional space by leaning towards a transitional look, balancing modern with tradition by juxtaposing curves against the purity of straight lines. Using strong vertical and horizontal lines lends structural height and width to a room. They help to visually expand space and convey a sense of stability.


Create a gallery wall

Every space could do with some artwork. They not only enhance an aesthetic, but also add a personalised touch to a room. So dressing up walls with multiple artwork is surely the way to go. Choose meaningful artwork that picks up on prominent colours in the interior to create a cordial mood. Choose from ornate frames with curves or mix with simple squarish or rectangular frames for a fun ensemble. Using gold-tinted frames is also an inexpensive way to bring in lustrous accents.


Choose dark colours

Surprisingly, dark colours can conjure a classy feel when well-paired with other colours and elements in the room. Dark grey, green and even blues are great options for giving your room a dreamy, classy feel with a note of importance. Dark furniture can also have the same effect in a room.



Multiple light sources

Think a mixture of overhead lights, recessed lights, cove lightings and sconces. Instead of having a single, bright light source, make room for multiple light sources – incorporating task and accent lighting to give your interior a nuanced, muted luminance that enriches the atmosphere. When on a budget, choose from affordable table lamps and floor lamps to give your space variance and interest.



Circa Pendant Light

Combines contemporary curves with a hint of gold to make your space pop



Brescia Marble Dining Table

Use faux marble

It is an undisputable fact that marble lends classicism and an elegant touch to any interior. If real marble is too costly and even difficult to maintain, consider faux marble as a budget-friendly option that is also beautiful and practical.



Dress walls with mouldings

These are great additions that immediately create interest and add interior architecture – drawing one’s attention to otherwise inconspicuous walls. They also set the tone for a classy appeal. Even though they look high-end, they can be installed affordably. In fact, you can even DIY wall mouldings in your room. The best part is you don’t have to apply them throughout, but on one or two select walls for visual impact.

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