Easy Ways to Add Colours to Your Home

Easy Ways to Add Colours to Your Home

Love colours but don’t know how to use them in your space? Ditch your fears of colours with these little ways to introduce them in your home to enliven an otherwise lackluster interior, without overwhelming, and watch how you’ll immediately warm up to your improved home.


Paint a wall

Punctuate your space with interest with a wall in a bold, contrasting colour from the rest of the room. Opt for a darker shade on this feature wall to create a focal point where attention gravitates towards. Alternatively, play up a room with wallpapers that make your space pop. Consider dressing your walls with a bold wallpaper to really make a style statement.



Bring in artwork

Colourful artwork is great for adding colour accents to your space. They are also an easy way to showcase your personality. What’s more, they can be replaced at whim to reflect your latest interest.


Use colourful textiles

Brighten up uninspiring sofas with cushions that inject colours, dress up windows with attractive curtains, plush up beds with pillows or throws that exhibit streaks of patterns and colours. You can also contrast colours and prints on rugs to accentuate a colour palette. This instantly lifts your space when the overall scheme is carefully curated.


Veer away from plain tiles

Forget neutral tiles if you want an impressionable space. Visually demarcate your space and add a splash of colour and personality with patterned tiles. If you have an open floor plan, switching up tiles could make a big impact. A different-coloured backsplash in the kitchen is one way to make your space pop.


Dress up furniture

Add a pop of colour with even with single piece of furniture in a totally different colour. And instead of opting for monochromes, jazz up custom cabinetry with expanses of colours. Even a choice like dark blue ­– not too loud or distracting – can be a great option just to add some character and personality.


Using interesting displays

If you have a open-shelf bookcase, consider colour coding the spines of books to create colour blocks that stand out. Arrange decorative pieces like vases and even kitchen peripherals in the same colour to make a cohesive display that stads out with style.


If having too many colours in your space is daunting, choose up to three dominant colours to be applied generously, and then throw in different tones of these colours throughout. Alternatively, use a fourth colour as an accent colour best applied on your peripherals.

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