Embracing Blush, Pink and Nude Tones in the Bedroom

Embracing Blush, Pink and Nude Tones in the Bedroom

Style your interior a soft mien with underlying muted monotones and nude or blush tones that offer a palest hint of pink. Already invading the world of fashion and make-up, these tones are emerging as trendy, irresistible colours in the interior design scene, giving creamy white interiors a light, airy and calm feel.


Nude walls and decorative nude accents give go-to neutrals much-needed punch. Introduce a nude-tone curtain, bedspread or even sofa throw to update your space. Bring to life a design theme with style-appropriate pieces. This works well with modern Parisian, Victorian classic and contemporary homes. They can be replaced from time to time to reflect newer trends, but are otherwise great all year round. The space will feel natural with a laid back charm.


Earthy, unobtrusive nude tones also go hand in hand with a pale blue, beige, terra cotta or brown. Extremely versatile, you’ll find that nudes blend well with different materials such as rustic wood for an informal touch. This contrast will warm up the space, injecting some cheerfulness. Another curated look is melding nudes with high-end marble for a look more elegant and poised.

Fancy more colours? Usher teal accents or potted greens. Alternatively, throw in metallic bronze hues to offer glitz and drama for an over-the-top look. Layering nudes with stronger colours like a bright pink is another viable option. Many palettes will work well with nudes to create an ethereal sanctuary overflowing with global appeal sophistication. Taking cue from interior design magazines, nude tones can surely transform an otherwise inconspicuous home into a polished, enviable abode you’ll be proud to showcase.



Zidas Rotating Wardrobe
Wood pieces against a fresh blush backdrop claims contemporary character. Pops of green enrich this look further


Lindia Upholstered Stool
Velvet upholstery in soothing blush and pastel pink hues with a gold finish at the base provides a glam touch–great for elevating your styled bedroom



Prise Round Glass Vase
Every space needs some decorative accents. This barely-there vase adds a soft, subtle appeal with its striking silhouette to complete a blush or nude interior



Pink and blush are alternatives that have warmed up the interior design scene too. They are ideal in bedrooms to create a relaxed, cosy atmosphere where you feel absolutely at home and at ease.



Passaic Upholstered Bed

A blush-coloured upholstered bed with a tufted headboard adds a classical nuance.



Princess Luxe Bed

A pastel pink bed with a classy, tufted headboard is formal yet understated, pretty and overflowing with femininity


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