Forget Grey: Trending Colours You’ll Love at Home

Forget Grey: Trending Colours You’ll Love at Home

Grey is the ubiquitous go-to colour in many homes. But for the bold and adventurous, there are other colours to turn to; some not as conservative as the all-too familiar greys. If you need some colour inspiration for your living space, look no further than the suggestions below.


Dark green

A deep, dark green is rich and statement-making. It works beautifully with neutral tones such as cream, beige or grey. This moody hue also works beautifully with touches of brass or gold to create an intimate, luxe look that is sophisticated and totally grown-up. Needless to say, this surprisingly versatile colour looks good with monochromes to conjure a sharp, chic profile that screams modern sophistry.


Misty blue

This subdued blue, with a grey undertone, is easy on the eye. This oceanic tone creates an ambience that is calm and collected, complements many materials and textures, and perfect for just about every room in the house. It is the colour to choose if you still adore grey, but want something slightly differentiated. Apply this colour on cabinets or walls, and pair with brass accents and muted glow to create a tailored look for both traditional and modern décor.



This nature-inspired warm neutral lends a warm zest that invigorates. It makes for a good backdrop for brighter, stronger colours that pay tribute to a mid-century style. Apply it on every wall of a room to conjure warmth and drama. If you prefer a look that is more understated, opt for a more muted tone to be applied on a feature wall.



This colour is all the rage, and a fresher replacement for the familiar grey. The spectrum ranges from a light blush that reads somewhere between peach and pink, a dusty pink that veers more towards pink but still gender-neutral, to a vivid pink that has more intensity. It is the perfect shade to soften the space, and pairs well with muted earth tones and blue to create a style-centric interior.

blog-Bedroom 1A


This delicate hue lends a sense of airiness, as well as softens a room. Stepping into a room dressed in mint green takes us back to nature – instantly revitalises and soothes like a breadth of fresh air. Here, mint is paired with a blush tone to create a light-as-air elegance.



Yellow is warm, earthy and inviting. It is a colour that works well with glam interiors, as well as a laid-back, chic pad. Its sunny disposition makes one feel wrapped in an eternal sunshine – hopeful and secure.



This is a stand-out colour that truly makes an impression when used in a space. It is a comforting colour that is warm and stylish – complementing blue, grey and green beautifully to evoke global appeal.

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