House Tour: A Luxe Home in Green


House Tour: A Luxe Home in Green

Dark green is a trending colour in homes and it’s easy to see why. When paired with gold accents, or contrasted with neutrals, dark green brings out a deep, rich feel that punctuates the space with a high-end luxe.

A contemporary haven, this home is regal when clad in a deep green and dressed deliberately in accented doses to lend consistency and continuity to this tailored decor.


Green symbolises renewal and vitality – contributing to a calm and collected air throughout. When outfitted with gold-finish pendant lights and wall shelves to break up the use of green, the space reads elegant and poised – every bit the designer space that home owners covet.

Flow is essential in open-concept homes. The designer makes room for breathing space by introducing large expanses of white. Here, dark green is offset by a long, upscale counter table, accompanied by counter chairs with gold rims to add drama and create a powerful aesthetic. The result is the perfect balance of calm and stylish.


The use of dark green is continued in the bedroom to build a look of deep sophistication, designed to appear sleek and modern with a hint of classical mien as apparent from the choice of a button-tufted bed frame and period artwork. Team this colour with elaborate light pendants and attention paid to the finer details. You don’t need a lot of colours, but just the right use of a few meaningful ones to make a lasting statement.

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