House Tour: Eclectic with a Sense of History

House Tour: Eclectic with a Sense of History

We love a home overflowing with traditional interest, yet revealing of subtle modern nuances to give the interior an eclectic appeal. The key is balancing the old and new so that the home does not come across as aged and dated, but imbued with the right amount of vintage-inspired details to seal an ageless classic charm.

In this home, all-important details lend a quintessential beauty to seal an effect that is quite ethereal. Awash in light blue, the interior exudes a soothing calm that does not overwhelm or take the attention away from the many elements in it.


In the living area, a classic-looking tufted Chesterfield sofa takes centre stage to help cement a traditional design direction. This look is, however, given a twist, when combined with modern pieces to reveal a well-calibrated décor. A patterned carpet adds to the palette, also converging all the hues in the house in one place. It is also instrumental in serving as a visual anchor.

An eclectic approach ties in different colours, textures and materials to create a unified narration. When done right, this mix creates a space brimming with character and personality – as in the case of this home. The designer embraces decorative finishes, opting for a large ornate chandelier that adds height and scale to the room. Furniture is kept purposefully low-slung so that the rooms also appear taller and grander.


Grey upholstered dining chairs
with tapered legs are perfect
for an elegant setting

Throughout, the interior is enlivened with a few gold touches. Colour features pop out in abstract artwork and bold-patterned throw pillows.

The dining area has fewer colours, but accented with gold-coloured pendant lights that mirror the use of metallic elements in the house to create visual flow. Chairs appear haphazardly put together, but yet consistent in style and complementing one another elegantly.


The visually-warming effect of wood tones makes for a very inviting interior. A herringbone-effect sideboard, for instance, lends a wondrous striped effect, offering interest to the length of the room.


Top: Blaine Marble Table – An elegant, sleek addition featuring lustrous gold-finish rim and legs

Right: Daicey Armchair – A beautiful accent armchair offers a fresh take on classic pieces



This look is continued in the bedroom, styled to portray an English-inspired charm. Here, the designer amplifies calming neutrals with textures and patterns, adding style-appropriate accessorising to denote a gorgeous blend of refined and eclectic. This home leaves us truly inspired to pile up on classic elements to conjure a home imbued with history.



Purity Marble Table Vase

This accent vase showcases subtle marble veins in a geometric, angular design that is as sleek as it is elegant.



Prise Round Glass Vase
The perfect tabletop centerpiece in any setting to lend a soft, neutral touch



Cannes Face Table Vase
Bring artful appeal to your interior

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Comments (2)

  • Vincent Choo Reply

    The interior of this house is so beautiful! It looks like a page from an overseas interior magazine. Is this house in Singapore?

    December 10, 2019 at 7:57 am
    • Addin Reply

      Thank you for your interest Vincent. This house is located in China and designed by interior design firm Sky Creation (Beijing). Sky Creation is based in Singapore with branches in China and Malaysia.

      December 10, 2019 at 4:13 pm

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