House Tour: Modern Industrial Interior Design

House Tour: Modern Industrial Interior Design

This abode exudes industrial chic from every conceivable angle. Visually-warming wood is juxtaposed against expanses of black to create a modern style that is both raw and edgy. In doing so, the designer succeeds in conjuring a modish charm that resonates with young, urban homeowners.


Throughout, an industrial charm permeates the air – relying on elements such as wood, metal, concrete screed and leather, and the convergence of vintage and new. Walls are dressed to exhibit an industrial tone, complete with exposed bricks and even a centrepiece bicycle affixed to a wall in the living room. This look is further reinforced with bespoke furniture and an industrial-styled light pendant.


There is no doubt that nothing reads boring in this home, where style-appropriate elements and trendy accessorising are so cleverly put together to seal a tailored look befitting a city lifestyle.


Captivating artwork lifts the mood and adds character. Here, contrast is created by converging a wood-black palette with bold, vibrant colours and patterns to create multiple interest points that give the eye plenty to take in without overwhelming. Meanwhile, cold, seemingly unfinished concrete screed flooring is combined with rich textiles and metallic accents to create a varied look.


Even the doors emerge as points of interest, with barnyard doors for the bathroom and beautiful black-frame glass-panel partitions in the room. In the bathroom, using tiles that are white with grey grout is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This way, not only will dirt not show up easily, it also brings out an industrial feel.

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