House Tour: Scandinavian with Colours

House Tour: Scandinavian with Colours

Veer away from all-neutral Scandinavian interiors by embracing colours to invigorate and add fresh perspectives to this favoured interior style. While keeping to the essence of a Scandinavian interior – characterised by a light, airy look – this home gives nod to modern living as brighter, fresher hues come into play.


Colours enliven Scandi-associated neutrals

Awash in a reigning white – a colour that is core of Scandinavian interior design – the living room provides a clean base to build on. Here, colours, textures and patterns convene through pieces gorgeously put together. A blue sofa, for instance, is complemented with pops of yellow on fabrics and textiles to inject vibrancy to the home – disrupting the vision of Scandi-inspired homes we are familiar with.

Windows are not dressed with curtains or blinds, so that natural light can stream in to create a light-filled interior. True to a Nordic-inspired home, expanses of wood beautifully contrast the reigning white, lending visual warmth and tonal depth.


From the use of light wood on the floor, to gorgeous woodgrains on the coffee table and custom cabinetry, a woodsy charm reverberates throughout. Even wooden logs are placed on display to add all-important details to give this home a slight country nuance – perfect for making a Scandi home more welcoming.


The dining area is a casual set-up with banquette seating on one side. Through the use of artwork and a patterned fabric, the space feels personalised and inviting.

Furniture leans towards simplistic forms, showcasing simple straight lines combined with understated curves or ornateness – influencing the space with an atmosphere of calm. Attention is paid to style-appropriate accessorising to give the space personality. This look is completed with dark green foliage.


The en-suite bedroom echoes the same theme, using neutrals as a backdrop, and enriched with pockets of colours. Patterns on rugs and textures on fabrics converge to give this space a layered, cosy vibe, giving one a welcoming feel that is at once relaxing.


In the study, ample use of white lends a clean, crisp design that bounces light. Designs denote a clean-lined simplicity, with conscious accessorising to elevate the space. Similarly, the walk-in wardrobe, dressed predominantly in white to conjure an easy elegance, is enlivened with a faux fur rug that adds appeal and warmth.

Essentially, this home is rooted in a Scandinavian style with its alternating white and wood styling, but doused in accent colours and accessories to anchor the space.

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