House Tour: Wonderfully Transitional Look

House Tour: Wonderfully Transitional Look

Transitional designs are trending in the interior design scene, characterised by home designs that meld interior styles to reflect both modern and traditional elements. For many, transitional homes are refreshing to look at as they offer fresh perspectives on a space.

In this home, modern meets classic in a way that is bold and uplifting. Upon stepping into the home, one is instantly greeted by high ceilings, statement lightings and an inspiring shade of pale blue against light wood flooring. Here, the designer ingeniously puts together striking, whimsical decor with classic solutions to add punch and conjure a look that is sensual and revealing of contemporary interest.


A quaint French window – where it is least expected – pops out as a surprising element, instantly drawing one’s attention upwards to accentuate high ceilings. It also provides a soft, romantic mien. Clusters of low-hanging pendant lights complete this composition, giving the space a nuanced, muted glow that adds to the overall ambience. A loft overlooks the living area, spotting a stunning setup with star-shaped lights and an indoor swing chair.

Furniture is kept clean, almost to offset the details on blue walls clad with beautiful trims. The result is gorgeous and elegant. Since transitional designs converge clean lines and curves, there is also an emphasis on repeated circles to provide a coordinated and playful note against purity of lines.


Wood is an important element in transitional designs. Here, a pale blue is discerning against a gradation of wood, used generously in the bedroom and study. Both rooms are styled immaculately to impress the senses. By paying attention to textures, outlines, lighting and home accents, the designer succeeds in creating tailored rooms that stand out in their own right.


Away in the bedroom, for instance, a galactic theme featuring recurring stars turns the space into a wondrous sanctuary, while an eye-catching bunny-shaped headboard adds to the note of play – creating an informal look that invigorates. Away in the en-suite bathroom, timeless black and white patterns dress the floor. It is details like these that make this home extraordinary, with pockets of surprise everywhere you turn.

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