Recreate the Cafe-Inspired Look at Home


Recreate the Cafe-Inspired Look at Home

Are you a coffee enthusiast who simply love being immersed in a relaxed cafe or bistro environment? Do you relish the aroma of coffee and the laidback charm of cafes?

There must be something about cafes that make many want to hang out in one all day. Given how cosy most cafes are styled, it’s no wonder many Singaporeans can’t resist the thought of returning to a home that is a reminder of their favourite coffee haunt. Here, we outline the broad strokes to help you achieve this look effortlessly.


Infuse wood

Wood instantly adds warmth to any interior. If you’re after a casual charm, opt for distressed wood to give your space an aged appeal and character. Apply black generously to provide contrast. This combination can read industrial or rustic, or even both, depending on how you accessorise further. Essentially, it’s all in the details.



Incorporate counter seats

Introduce a counter, along with bar stools, to mimic what it’s like sitting in a cafe and watch a barista make your brew. This is also where you and your partner can enjoy a late-night cuppa.

The combination of tungsten lights with track lightings give this space an added cafe touch.

Use ambient lighting

Do not underestimate the effects of the right lighting to create the chillax ambience you so enjoy. Apart from having functional lights to allow you to perform your day-to-day tasks at home, incorporate ambient lightings to envelop the room with a nuanced, cosy look glow. To complete the industrial, cafe-inspired look, opt for tungsten lights and track lights.



Be bold

Some cafes are really attractive because of their bold decor. Maybe it’s their collection of in-the-face art or an interesting play of patterns. Or the way bright colours are put together to invigorate rather than overwhelm. Or, it could be interesting pieces and an even refresher layout that lends new perspective.



Exposed brick wall

Such walls give the space a textured, layered look that contributes to a laidback atmosphere. Reinforce this look with exposed light bulbs, industrial-style exposed piping shelves and concrete walls.



Introduce handwritten fonts

Dress a bare wall with a chalkboard bearing handwritten font to summon the beloved café look. Alternatively, clad your wall with off-the-shelf handwritten wall art to conjure the same appeal.


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