Scandinavian Design Furniture Picks for a Clean, Beautiful Living Room

Scandinavian Design Furniture Picks for a Clean, Beautiful Living Room

A Scandinavian design is loved for its sleek and modern appeal. Such rooms come across as warm, inviting and unpretentious, rooted in a seeming simplicity to bring attention to function and a fluid, airy interior. Scandinavian rooms are well-lit and are a reflection of neutral colours and natural materials. Here is a mood board for a put-together Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian Design Mood Board


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Scandinavian designs appear uncluttered as they do not indulge in excessive accessorising or furniture. Furniture tends to display clean lines. A staple in Scandinavian homes is wood, because of the textures it adds to the room – instantly warming it up. Leather is another material that in often introduced to bring up its luxe factor. Other textiles like rugs and throws help add depth to this composition.

Greens are trending in homes. And Scandinavian homes are no strangers to indoor plants to fill up space in between and conjure interest. While the exchange of white, grey, wood and black is all the rage in Scandinavian homes, colours can also be used as an accent colour to play up the theme. Yellow for instance, is a popular tone to provide added vibrancy and character to light nuances and earthy tones.

To keep on top of your Scandinavian living room, here are some pro-tips:

1. Declutter
Year-round decluttering is needed to keep your Scandinavian home in order. If decluttering is not your strength, be sure to have cabinets or closed-door shelves that help keep clutter within and out of sight.

2. Keep indoor plants

Plants are a common feature in Scandinavian homes. Opt for low-maintenance indoor plants that require lesser tender, loving care to ensure ample foliage all year round.

3. Care for your wood

Wood is another popular element in Scandinavian homes. Whether it is used on your flooring,


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