Scandinavian is Still Trendy: Follow These Rules to Pull Off a Nordic Look

Scandinavian is Still Trendy: Follow These Rules to Pull Off a Nordic Look

A Scandinavian interior design, characterised by minimalism, simplicity and utility, is well-loved by Singaporeans and homeowners around the world – and it’s easy to see why. Combining a pared-down style, sleek lines and cordial contrasts, the result is elegant and inviting. If you’re hankering this look borne out of Nordic countries, but not quite sure how to nail it, let us guide you through with some top décor tips.


Go neutral

A Scandinavian theme veers away from loud colours, leaning towards a minimalist palette comprising of greys, browns, white and black. Through contrasts – signatory of Scandinavian homes – your home does not have to be monotonous. Pay attention to creating impactful contrasts with bold lines and patterns to make a dramatic statement. The occasional pop of colour – like a muted blue – can be tolerated so long as it does not overwhelm the fuller picture.


Throw in textiles

A Scandi home is enlivened with textiles that add warmth and depth to a décor that is usually denoted by neutrals and purity of lines. Accessorising the home with layers of textiles such as throws and rugs make the interior cosy and inviting. Use the opportunity to throw in some accent colours through textiles like wool and sheepskin to achieve undulating cosiness.



Less is more in such homes. Clean-lined silhouettes and clutter-free table-tops form the visual associated with this theme. This does not mean that you can’t accessorise. It just means that your accessories should harmonise with the collective look and not overpower other elements.


Introduce decorative accents

A home void of decorative accents lacks character and personality. So yes, to add interest even with a Scandinavian design direction in mind, you should inject decorative accents like a series of frames, geometric vases or patterned textiles. However, do so in moderation. And rule out ornamentation with very elaborate curves.


Infuse wood

Interchanging white, black and wood creates the perfect combination to evoke Scandinavian appeal. Think tables with wooden tops and thin black legs, or light wood flooring.


Don’t overdress your window

With simplicity in mind, your windows should be dressed to blend in – and not make a big statement. Opt for sheer white or grey curtains that let in adequate sunshine for a light-filled interior, or black-and-white Venetian blinds.

Even you’re a design novice, these tips should serve you well in putting together a stunning Scandinavian home that will become the subject of envy.




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