Tips to Remodelling Your Bathroom

Tips to Remodelling Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one place in your home that requires some tender loving care. Unlike other places in your home, like the living area or bedrooms, the bathroom is one area where you simply cannot introduce new furniture or textiles to update it – yet it is the one place you spend a fair bit of time each day. As such, it is worthwhile renovating your bathroom if you just bought a resale, or just gotten the keys to a BTO. In the long run, you’ll realise it’s money well spent.



If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This piece of advice might seem obvious to most. But sometimes, we can get overly excited over the new place that we jump at the first thing we see in shops – too eager to get started. Do not make this first-homeowner mistake. Instead, shop around and check out the latest bathroom furnishing. Browse online for bathroom inspiration to get you started.

Do you need a mirror with storage above your vanity? Do you have space to hang a towel rack or a shelf for toiletries? And if so, would your door be able to open fully? These are factors that you need to plan for right from the beginning. It is also wise to bring in a contractor or renovator who can advise on matters such as plumbing and electricity if you are installing new light sources, as well as the cost involved. It pays to plan ahead before committing to any purchases in case they do not fit or they no longer fit into your vision of your bathroom. Essentially, a well-planned remodelling is the first step to saving you money and time.


Call in the professionals

Unlike a bed, you might not have the expertise to put together a vanity top as it involves plumbing work. In every bathroom remodelling, a certain degree of plumbing work is needed. So the safest option is calling in the professionals to help.


Keep to the budget

So you have a budget planned out. But part of having a budget is keeping to it. Run through items you’ll need to purchase for a bathroom remodelling and work out how much it’ll cost you to remodel your space. Bring in a plumber and electrician to discuss how much the remodelling cost. If you’re engaging a renovator or interior designer, discuss your budget with him or her, and share any constraints. Do not assume that your renovator is on the same page as you in terms of costs. This will determine the extent of your bathroom makeover.

Again, shop around for alternatives to seal cheaper deals, while not overtly compromising on aesthetic and function. Having said that, be prepared to spend a little above the budget, as renovations can sometimes be riddled with hiccups that end up costing you more.


Take care of lighting

When it comes to a bathroom remodelling, we’re often too transfixed on choosing the right tiles, vanity top design and even shower head, while conveniently neglecting lightings. Even though a bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house, multiple light sources is preferred, as you want to light it up sufficient at the vanity and shower, and stylishly while at it.

As a general rule, opt for three layers of lightings, namely an ambient light as a general light source, task lighting for activities like shaving or applying make-up, and finally an accent light to enhance the space. When outfitting a bathroom with task lights, consider side-mounted wall sconces on either side of your mirror above the vanity or cove lightings if you have a custom mirror cabinet. Apart from functionality, consider the aesthetic too – so stick to a similar style or finish on all three types of lights to achieve a coherent look. If your budget does not allow for multiple light sources, use a single ceiling light source, and mirrors with integrated touch lighting above the vanity to achieve a similar effect.



The bathroom is usually the most space-constrained area in a house, yet packed with the bath, toilet bowl and vanity to get you all ready for heading out. Check your measurements, leaving no room for error, so you do not end up purchasing a sink that would not fit into the vanity, or a toilet bowl that is a misfit with the plumbing.

Also ensure that your vanity top and towels racks are placed at your preferred height. If you have children, you might want to factor this in when deciding on where your fixtures are placed for easy reach.


Ease of cleaning

Everyone loves a picture-perfect bathroom, but they are not always pleasant to wash on a regular basis. For instance, white grouts with black walls tiles may exude the muted, industrial look you’re after, but it can be a chore cleaning out the dirt that accumulates and stains between tiles. So it’s wise in the long haul to take into consideration the amount of up-keeping that goes into your bathroom remodeling decisions.

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