Walk-In Wardrobe: Stylish Must-Haves

Walk-In Wardrobe: Stylish Must-Haves

Fancy starting your day to meet the world in a designer-approved walk-in wardrobe? We’ve put together a walk-in wardrobe wish list to guide you in creating your stylish space for dressing up.



Glass doors

Instead of opting for opaque doors, keep your doors visually open by choosing transparent glass ones. They allows you to easily scan your clothes in the morning. After all, out of sight, out of mind. Having your clothes in plain sight means you are more likely to don them. It will also probably keep you motivated to keep your closet space tidy.



Open shelves

This is in line with the notion of keeping things open and in plain sight. Open shelves are great for displaying your handbags. They will create the optical illusion of a larger space, perfect for solidifying a stylish walk-in wardrobe. Opt for adjustable wardrobe systems with racks and shelves that can be easily tweaked to for allow the flexibility of changing from time to time to suit your storage needs.


Display island

Your beautiful and functional walk-in wardrobe deserves a display island for your collection of fashion accessories. It also serves as a visual anchor that brings everything together. And if you have a long, narrow, space flanked with wardrobes on both lengths of the room, consider adding an ottoman and rug in the middle to give it a boutique look and feel.



Under-cabinet lights

Proper organisation would mean nothing without proper lighting to help you pick out what you want. Functional and also stylish, under-cabinet lights are task lights you’ll need. To elevate your space further, hang a statement pendant light or chandelier to add character and a luxurious mien.




Give your walk-in wardrobe the same decorative treatments as you would other rooms in your house by hanging artwork or introducing nature. This would instantly add to the appeal of the space and even awake your senses in the morning.



Complete your walk-in wardrobe with a dressing table for dolling up. Considering this is one of few pieces in the space, bring in an ornate stool or bench to accent your interior – a character-filled space brimming with elegance and allure.



Finally, don’t be disheartened if you do not have a room to convert into a walk-in wardrobe. Visually demarcate a walk-in wardrobe space with shelves or a wall to divide your bedroom space and accommodate your dressing needs.

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