Wall Moulding Ideas for a Glam Interior

Wall Moulding Ideas for a Glam Interior

Wall mouldings are all the rage now as they add an upscale note to your interior. Elegant and classy, wall mouldings blend well with different design styles to transform an otherwise plain room into a masterpiece. They add a touch of traditional charm and architectural character – instantly bringing to mind gorgeous Parisien apartments.


How to use wall mouldings

They can dress any wall in your home, from the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. These decorative mouldings instantly infuse a more formal note and can be used throughout to facilitate continuity, or applied to a single wall to create a focal point.


Opting for picture frame wall moulding, for instance, immediately adds height to your space. With trims that extend from floor to ceiling, the space appears more deliberated and formal. A taller top trim also lends proportion to the room and is often used in areas like living rooms.


White-on-white wall mouldings are very popular, with white trims set against white walls. This look befits modern contemporary homes that veer towards simplicity and understated beauty. Subtle trims on walls lend interest to the space without disturbing the underlying calm.


For a more formal or traditional look, two-tone wall mouldings such as white trims placed against darker coloured walls create a more dramatic profile. What is trendy is pairing white with a light grey or pale blue-grey.


Placing dark grey trims against light grey walls is another popular way to bring emphasis to ornate wall accents that lend elegance. In this dining area, crown moulding around the ceiling, as well as an ornamental ceiling medallion and statement pendant complete this evocative look.


Wallpapers can also be used to accentuate decorous trims on walls. In this living room, geometrical patterns on wallpapers echo the silhouettes of a stylish pendant light to create a cohesive look.


Instead of applying the style throughout, mix up your style to create a focal point. In this gorgeous bedroom, for instance, a grey wall with white trims add depth and interest to the overall design, offering contrast to a predominant white elsewhere.


Mouldings placed midway, also known as baseboard moulding serve also as an ornamental trim – albeit a little less prominent. Traditionally, baseboard moulding protects the lower portion of walls from the splash of wet mops. Here, grey baseboard moulding or wainscoting serves almost as a visual anchor with a crisp white on the upper portion of walls.


True to classic homes, mouldings with deep profiles and elaborate trims add more punch to an interior – which is the case in this bedroom. Here, the use of trims on custom grey wardrobes is a clever way to mirror the trims on walls to facilitate consistency and flow for a harmonious, put-together look.

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