White Modern Interior: Nail this look with easy styling


White Modern Interior: Nail this look with easy styling

A reigning white dresses this home with striking modernity. Streamlined designs contribute to a fluid, uninterrupted visual that rests easy on the eye. The decor pops with wooden accents, warming up otherwise stark, white surfaces, offering dimension that sharpens the overall composition.

In a white space like this, less is often more. Keeping the design pared-down and uncluttered goes a long way in giving it a modish appeal that thrives on minimalism. Simple detailing grace the walls to make the space appear more lavish. This adds a hint of classicism to add interest and character. A combination of undershelf lights and sconces casts a beautiful glow.


The simple beauty of the dining area adds to the overall vocabulary to provide a touch of modern splendour. A single, large artwork is sometimes preferred over a gallery wall to provide visual impact. This instantly adds colour and make the space pop with contemporary interest.

Similarly, a heavy dose of white looks stunning when paired with inviting wood accents in the bedrooms. Shades of grey gradations are infused to offer more depth. This hue is again paired with beautiful wall trims to claim sophistry. Otherwise, furniture showcases simple, concise forms that are beautiful and practical.

This home is proof that white does not have to read boring, perfect for those who wants to strip the home of frivolous pretentiousness and desire elegant simplicity.


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